Who We Are

Chesterfield & N/E Derbyshire Chinese Elders Group

Established as a few volunteers in 2009 from our Chesterfield Town location.We help our local Chinese members across the whole Derbyshire area and raise awareness for the Wider Community about our culture.

We facilitate service for the local elderly members within the community to access many mainstream services. We act as advocate to utilize local service. We provide education, encouragement, and empowerment for all members to participate and engaging services that is benefiting for their needs.

We facilitate home visits, counselling, attending hospital and GP appointments as well as facilitating to help them with legal matter and applying for financial benefits.

We also support them to attend physiotherapy treatment and others healthcare treatment in consultation.

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Mental Health is a big tree and Hope is a small axe.

- Mrs Aldred World MH


BME Carers Project

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BME Mental Health Project

The centre is staffed by experienced and dedicated day centre officers, who support, encourage and motivate members through the journey to recovery and restoration.

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BME Public Health Project – Isolation

The Outreach Team provides positive, pro-active outreach support that is both practical and therapeutic for chinese Community individuals with mental health needs.

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BME Domestic Abuse Project

chinese prioritises support to our members to ensure they have secure and appropriate accommodation.

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